School Board of Directors


John Freal  

John Freal moved to the community in 1984 with his family to teach at Blaine High School. He has degrees from Stanford University and the University of Washington. Prior to teaching in Blaine, he was a member of the research faculty of the University of Washington School of Medicine. He worked there in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine doing research on diseases of the nervous system. While teaching mathematics at the high school, he became a National Board Certified Teacher in 2001. In 2003 he was given the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching. His wife Marilyn is a librarian and storyteller with Whatcom County Library. They have 3 grown children and 5 grandchildren.

Phone: (360)332-5674


Term Expires: December 2019

Director District #1

John Freal

2017 Vice President &

Legislative Representative

Todd Berge


Todd Berge is a life-long  Blaine resident and graduate. He was elected to the Blaine School Board in 2003 and feels board service is one of many ways to serve his community.  He and his wife have two daughters, both have graduated from the Blaine School District. Todd is a graduate of Bates Technical and Tacoma Community College and works at the BP Refinery in addition to being a very active safety volunteer in Whatcom County.

Phone: (360)332-1213


Term Expires: December 2019

Director District #2

Todd A. Berge

Joan Lotze  

Joan Lotze was appointed to represent Director District 3 in May 2014. Joan and her husband, Don, have lived in the Blaine community for over 30 years and all of their children attended Blaine schools. Joan and Don are both retired teachers. They spent some time teaching in private schools overseas, including China, Pakistan and Nigeria.  Don was a science teacher at Blaine High School for 28 years. Joan taught in Bellevue initially and spent some time as a substitute teacher and a paraeducator in Blaine. She later taught elementary grade levels in Bellingham until her retirement.

Phone: (360)371-2596


Term Expires: December 2017

Director District #3

Joan Lotze

2017 Board President

Charles Gibson


Charles Gibson and his family moved to Blaine in 1992 for him to attend graduate school at Regent College at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. During their time here, Charles became pastor of Northwood Alliance Church in 1994, his wife, Margaret, became a school nurse in 1996, and all four of the Gibson children attended and graduated from Blaine Public Schools. Charles has prior experience with the needs of children from twenty years as executive director of New Mexico Boys and Girls Ranches which included residential child care, a private adoption agency and education programs. Charles was appointed to the school board in 2006 and was then elected to the board in 2007.



Term Expires: December 2019

District Director #4

Charles E. Gibson

Mike Dodd


Mike Dodd was first elected to the board in 1977. He is a graduate of Blaine and he and his wife have one daughter who is also a Borderite. After attending UPS in Tacoma, he returned to Blaine to join his father and brother to work in the family business, Blaine Marina. He has served as coach for local teams and a member of many committees in our community.



Term Expires: December 2017

District Director #5

Mike M. Dodd

WIAA Contact

The Blaine School Board is a local board, established by the Washington State Legislature. Although each of the five members comes from a different geographical area in the district, all board members are elected by all Blaine School District voters. Board members serve a four-year term without pay.

The board's primary task is to formulate and evaluate all policies necessary for the operation of the school district. The board's legal responsibilities are to:

* Establish general policy for the school district

* Adopt and revise the annual operating budget

* Select the Superintendent of Schools

* Exercise the power to administer schools conferred by the state legislature

* Keep the public informed on the needs and progress of the education system.

The Blaine School Board encourages the public to take an active part in the educational affairs of the district and extends an invitation to the community to attend school board meetings. All board meetings are open to the public, with the exception of the executive sessions where personnel, property acquisition, sales, litigation or collective bargaining matters are discussed.

The board meets on the 4th Monday of the month (except in December and on Memorial Day) at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Room of the School District Office, except in March when the monthly meeting is held at Point Roberts Primary School. The Board Meeting Calendar can be accessed from the link below. Board meeting materials, including agendas and minutes, can be viewed on BoardDocs. Questions may be directed to the District Office at (360) 332-5881.

Written communications to the board should be addressed to the school board chairman and sent to:

Blaine School District

765 H Street

Blaine, WA 98230