Capital Projects Updates
Blaine School District's $45M Capital Projects Bond initiative was approved by voters in the February 2015 Special Election. Our district is privileged to have the opportunity to make much needed improvements to multiple facilities. In the months ahead, we are committed to keeping our constituents informed of the progress that is being made specific to planning for and the delivery of our commitments.

February 2015 Capital Projects Replacement Bond Scope

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Blaine High School Addition and Modernization project - phase 1

HS Site Prep

Site prep and utility work began in July 2016

Storm Tech Chamber
Installation of storm water detention system
HS Phase 1
Leveling the site of the new building
Installation of Geopiers which provide reinforced support to the new building's foundation.
Framing footings for the foundation
Walls & SOG
Construction begins to go vertical
Crews work simultaneously on concrete slabs and brick walls.
BHS Project
The new building takes shape as brick walls go up.
BHS Phase 1
Frigid winter temperatures temporarily halt brick laying.
BHS Phase 1
Progress continues on brick walls and structural steel.

completed projects
BHS Greenhouse
Installation of the High School's new greenhouse was completed in January 2017.

A new playground was installed at Blaine Elementary School. (September 2016)

PS Addition

Tiger Construction built the addition to Blaine Primary School during the 2015-16 school year. (Summer 2016)
PS Music Rm
A small covered area on the east side of Blaine Primary School was converted into a dedicated music room. (Summer 2016)
PS Roof
The roof on the existing Blaine Primary School facility was replaced. (Summer 2016)
PS Playshed
The Blaine Primary School's covered play area was enclosed. (Summer 2016)
PRPS Playground
A new playground was installed at Point Roberts Primary School. (Fall 2015)
Roofing projects were completed at both Blaine Middle School (Western Roofing Company) and Point Roberts Primary School (Hytech Roofing). (Summer 2015)
PS Playground
Northwest Playground Equipment, Inc installed the new Primary School playground. (Summer 2015)
ES Carpet
Beresford Company installed new carpet and vinyl flooring at the Elementary School. (Summer 2015)
HS Track
Beynon Sports Surfaces completed the work of repairing the base and replacing the surface of the High School track. (Summer 2015)
MS Lot
The Middle School Gym parking lot was replaced by Colacurcio Brothers Construction Co. (Summer 2015)
Central Lot
All campus parking lots were re-striped. (Summer 2015)