Welcome Students, Staff, and Families

to the 2016-17 School Year!

As the first day of school, August 31, approaches, we look forward to a very productive and exciting school year in 2016-17.


Over many years, we have consistently championed providing quality learning opportunities for students at all levels of the program. Blaine School District employs one of the most skilled and dedicated groups of professionals in the State of Washington. Teachers and support staff strongly desire to work in Blaine, and many choose to spend their entire career in our District. We see this as a clear tribute to the overall quality of the program, and the commitment that we make to supporting staff in their work with students.


Improving student learning at every level of the system remains at the heart of our vision and mission. Our students consistently demonstrate strong academic performance, comparing favorably to other districts across the State. A substantially high number of students (9-12) participate in Advanced Placement (AP) courses, serving as evidence of a high level of academic rigor. In the Spring of 2014, Blaine High School was recognized as a High Achievement School by the State Board of Education and OSPI. A significant part of secondary (6-12) student success can be attributed to the strong foundation established in our K-5 program. We are privileged to have excellent K-12 administrators, teachers and support personnel, who demonstrate a consistent commitment to making a difference for young people.


Over the past three years, teachers and administrators from across the State of Washington have taken on an unprecedented level of transition with respect to new learning standards (Common Core State Standards), a new performance evaluation system (TPEP), and a new State level system for the evaluation of student academic performance (Smarter Balanced Assessment). These initiatives have placed a significant level of demand upon the overall system. As we enter into the new school year, there is evidence that the hard work of our staff is surfacing significant achievement results for students. Preliminary State assessment results, specifically in Math and Language Arts, indicate gains, year over year, at multiple grade levels.


The staff, students, and families of Blaine School District remain deeply appreciative of the support that the overall community demonstrated in passing a $45M Capital Facility Bond in February of 2015. Many great things are yet to come in the Blaine School District! If you have been on, or near, the campus over these three months, you will have noticed a number of facility upgrades coming to fruition.

  • We reached the final stages of project completion for the new addition at Blaine Primary School and, over the summer months, work has concluded on the existing roof, the new music room, and enclosure of the playshed.
  • Blaine Elementary School is also on track to have new playground equipment installed as the new school year gets underway.
  • Finally, in July of this summer, SpeeWest started construction on Phase I of the three-year Blaine High School Project. Excavation of the site for the new building should be complete in September, followed by construction of the building.

The students and staff of Blaine School District recognize and appreciate the extensive level of community ownership and involvement that is in place at all levels of the program. The communities of Blaine, Point Roberts, and Birch Bay take great pride in the learning that takes place in their schools and, most importantly, in the ongoing growth and success of students.


Blaine School District employees realize how important it is to keep parents and patrons informed of key events and issues across all grade levels. To that end, we hope that you will find an opportunity to frequently visit There you can learn more about opportunities to stay connected to activities involving our students. On behalf of the Board of Directors and the staff of the Blaine School District, I want to thank you for providing us with the opportunity to educate your child. There is not a more important responsibility that we could be charged with assuming.


Thank you for choosing to enroll your students in the Blaine School District. It promises to be a great year!


Ronald C. Spanjer Ed.D.